Saturday, 14 June 2014

The truth of Mu Sigma Products: muPDNA

I recently read a article in a leading newspaper giving details on evolution of Mu Sigma. One of the things mentioned was that Mu Sigma introduced it's first Analytics product, muPDNA in 2013.

I have pointed out in a previous post (read here) that how this product has been built on existing concepts from a freely available book "The McKinsey Way" by ETHAN M. RASIEL. But this newspaper article set me thinking, so what if they have taken concepts from a book. They might have stolen the concepts but they have still given it a new spin and created a product out of it.

Knowing Mu Sigma and its value system, it was hard for me to believe that Mu Sigma can really do something original (of course they keep getting "INSPIRED" just like Bollywood Movies and Music).
I started searching the web to find if something similar was already available. What I found was not something similar, but exactly same.

 Try and spot the difference below (conceptual difference I mean):



Below is a screenshot of what this other product/company SCQuARE is about (source: free PDF download available here)

This company claims to be specialist in these concepts and has a product SCQuARE linked to it.

The important thing is that this company has been around for 20 years. I am sure some "ANALYTICS EXPERT" in Mu Sigma must have gone through their training and got "INSPIRED". Not sure if such blatant copying is against the law and whether you can really patent protect such products but Mu Sigma website does claim muPDNA as a proprietary product with a patent pending.

I am sure many other Mu Sigma products will have parallels like the above. I have no problems with that, I am just pointing out the Truth.

To the people who marvel at the valuations that Mu Sigma keeps getting, my only advice is: be happy with the money, don't claim greatness. Of course I am addressing a select few in Mu Sigma's management here because Mu Sigma employees do not have the money either.